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 Colleen Kolberg
Madison, Wisconsin

Speaking from experience, RoseDale Communications will creatively craft your message so the audience hears and understands what you want to say. Gifted, talented, trustworthy and an exceptional command of words and their impact. 

Octoryia Robinson

RoseDale Communications gave clarity to my story and brought confidence to my voice as an author. I had been sitting on my book, for over eight years, fighting a battle against procrastination, fear, and self-doubt. I knew I had something to say but I would become overwhelmed with the idea of a big unknown process – translating the words in my heart and mind into written format.

What the Brainstorm & Blueprint session with Clara brought into my life, after my long battle, was a safe place to create where my voice and heart were fully received. In that place, they partnered with me to cultivate even more gold than I could see. So now, after all this time, I am positioned to be a published author.


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