RoseDale was founded with a different approach to the writing, editing and publishing your book.  The idea was to create a collaborative process that was both author-centric and author-driven,  where the authors themselves benefited the most from the finished product.

We recognize that traditional publishing means the author relies on query letters and sample work to attract a good literary agent to help them negotiate and obtain the necessary book contract.  Only then do they have access to the resources they need to become a published author.  Those fortunate enough to become published authors share royalties with the publishing house and their literary agent.

Newer technologies make it possible for authors to self-publish their book if they are brave enough to navigate the waters alone.  Many new self-published authors are left with the ramifications of wrong decisions or worse – books they can’t sell.

These challenges have given rise to another option, the publishing services company.  Any writer who wants to publish a book can pay for a package or ala carte services and become a published author.  We have seen this service model work, but the results vary significantly. These services are expensive and offer a lack of quality control. Additionally, the author is often required to buy a large quantity of copies to store and sell on their own.

We have a better way!

Our authors start with our signature Brainstorm & Blueprint process that plans each step of the project from conception to publication and beyond.  We start with the end in mind, so you know exactly what to expect and plan for.

We educate you about your choices while we guide you through the creation of your book. After publication, YOU own your creative work PLUS you keep 100% of your profits since we don’t require royalties.

We publish your creative works through our press mark RoseDale Publishing, and our new press mark for children’s books, RoseDale Kids.

IF this approach sounds like a better choice for you… contact us for more information.

Clara Rose – CEO/President

I was raised on an island in Alaska but lived most of my adult life in the Pacific Northwest rain. I now reside in the Tampa Bay area with my husband Larry and our rescued dogs Buddy and Wally.  We have three grown children (Travis, Corie & Danielle) and 10 grandchildren we ADORE!  Larry and I both own Florida based businesses and love our new home in the sunshine state, with plans to retire here.

As a professional development consultant for more than 20 years, a nationally published author, and a professional writer, I find great satisfaction in working with professionals who want to establish their expertise, expand their influence, and grow profits through the written word. My new business book series Training YOU will publish soon.

I am the creator of the SAVVY Business Builders Training series, which offers strategic training for business professionals and am the founder of the SAVVY Publisher press mark and RoseDale Publishing press mark, that produce business books for professionals.

Our Signature process, the Brainstorm & Blueprint session, was designed strategically for those ready to move forward with their book or book series.

We would be honored to partner with you to capture your voice and craft your message for publication.



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